MobiCred is a simple and convenient online credit facility that allows you apply for credit instantly which you can use to pay for an order with Android TV Box Techie. 

How do I use MobiCred on Android TV Box Techie?

  1. You can apply for credit on   

  2. If approved, you are granted a credit limit, much like a credit card.  

  3. When you want to spend, checkout and choose PAYFAST as the payment method on Android TV Box Techie.   

  4. Simply select MobiCred from the payment options in the checkout and type in your username and password.  

  5. If the purchase is approved, you will be sent a One Time Pin to your mobile, which you type in to finalise the transaction.   

  6. When this is done, your order will be paid and processed with Android TV Box Techie.    

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